I think in images. Experiences are recorded in my brain and relayed to others through a form of recollection that is almost entirely visual. There may be steps added along the way to either aid in creating a more accurate recollections or to purposely morph or abstract them, like in the work displayed here. Or, the process of image creation may be more instantaneous, as in purely observational rendering. The formation and subsequent transformation of images may happen at any speed and at any time after the experience which forms them.

The relationships of the images to one another, their pairings and groupings and their placement within the context of my entire body of work evoke narrative structures which are at their base, deeply personal and often emotionally charged. Yet, I hope to not out rightly share a series of events and the exact thought which accompanies it.  I do not want my images to be objectively about something. Nothing in my life is. Rather, my work is a representation of my grappling with the raw image-memory, fighting with it, pulling, pushing, twisting it, until it is out in the world.

My works are introspective. Each of the works maps an exploration of a mind space – some completely secluded and protected, most in flux with the world outside me, and plenty forged by minds that are not my own. I have represented the spaces in a process that to me is always drawing.  A gesture – a line, a stroke, a drag, an erasure, a blur – arises solely from the one behind it and a gut feeling. The work created wavers between realms – heavily relying on memory and often allowing images to morph as they travel through eye and mind and body and into their material realities, picking up bits of subconscious along the way.

I, at least for now, refuse to abandon the idea that these representations should be beautiful. My work does not shock or disgust, but rather utilizes aesthetic sensation to prod viewers into being just as introspective as I have been making it.